Handicap Vans Accessible Parking Guidelines - ADA Video

Handicap vans equipped with lifts and ramps for wheelchair users require ample space for safe accessibility to enter and exit the van. In 1990, the ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, set forth van accessible parking regulations for public parking areas known as: The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). These regulations are designed to help people with disabilities, especially handicap van users, as van accessible parking spaces have more room than a typical accessible parking space.

In an Access Board-Sponsored Accessible Parking and Loading Zones Project, researchers found that both a parking space and an aisle of 204 inches was needed to provide access for a wheelchair user using either a ramp or lift with side entry. The current guidelines for a Van Accessible Parking Space totals 192 inches; broken down into: an 8 foot or 96 inch parking space, and an 8 foot or 96 inch parking aisle. (Tight!)

Although Van Accessible Parking Spaces in public areas are designed for the size-needs of handicap vans drivers or passangers, as designated by the universal signage, these parking spots can also be used by a handicap accessible vehicle other than a van.

Watch this Quicktime video on how a wheelchair user uses a side lift van in a van accessible parking space by ADA (please wait a minute for video to load). After watching video, learn more about handicap vans by reading this comprehensive report.